A Brief Introduction of 1st Semester Technical Report


Content Management System (CMS)


We simply know that the meaning of CMS is Content Management System. But in the era of information technology it has a wide range of important impact on our economy, society and personal life. And here it is needed to define what is CMS?


CMS is a web based program built with different group of files written by various type of language like HTML, CSS, Java Script, PHP or C# etc. for using to manage the content of website dynamically. It has built in code editor, theme, plugin, widgets managing system to customize every part of website in a web interface by the browser. It makes it easy for anyone to set up, manage and maintain a website—without having an advanced degree in geekery.


In real life we are using CMS for Blogging, Publishing News, Ecommerce like Banking, Purchasing or Selling product through online, Advertising etc. Fort it’s flexible dynamic user interactivity it is become popular throughout the world and spreading dramatically.



Various kinds of CMS: 

In the market we can find out many CMS. But some of them accepted vastly by the people. For example-

  1. WordPress
  2. Zoomla
  3. Drupal


Online is a great way to make economic transection. Now a days pay for purchase through online is a compulsory part of our business. Visa, Master Card, Paypal etc are the examples for ecommerce. There is a procedure to follow step by step for completing transection procedure.

Purchase Procedure:

  1. Welcome page.
  2. Advertise with different product page.
  3. Product Details Page.
  4. Put the Selected product into the web cart.
  5. Search Item.
  6. Add/Remove product from cart.
  7. Checkout Cart.
  8. Go through the purchase procedure.
  9. Contact to person.
  10. Delivery procedure with documents
  11. Return Spoil product Procedure.
  12. Achieving the Satisfaction.

A review comparing costs and services provided by three website

When it is going to compare domain and hosting service provider then the cost, storage capacity, maintenance, application support, bandwidth allocation  and database limitation come first. Customer always need to be satisfied with providing what they want. In this technical technical I am going to compare different services as follows provided by the three website like Godaddy, Ipage and WebCentral Web Domain and Hosing-


Data And Storage

Email Feature





Website administrative procedures :

Website Administration or web management is a great part of web development. In this chapter fundamental of web control will be discussed. Technical report is going to cover the topics as below –

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Lock or unlock a domain name
  3. Register a domain name as private or public
  4. Transfer a domain name to another person / organisation
  5. Create a new FTP user account
  6. Upload / download website content

WordPress Install and Management 72 Steps :

This is a 72 step by step checklist guide to getting your WordPress website setup using the IS2CO formula – Install, Secure, Configure, Connect and Optimise.


Install – Setup your basic WordPress installation

Secure – Secure your WordPress installation against spam, hacking and hardware failure

Configure – Configure WordPress options and theme

Connect – Connect WordPress to services and social networks

Optimise –  Improve and test the performance of your WordPress installation


Performance Testing

We know very well that a quick responding web site is much demandable now a days. On the other hand user are often depressed and discourage to visit those web sites are taken more time to load on browser. And google search engine put the quick responded websites top of its index.  This section explain what is the reason and how it can be improved. The topics included in this chapter as below –

ISP Performance testing

Website Performance Benchmarking

Google Report on User attraction based on website performance

Ensure guarantee of permanent online presence

Ensure that web host meets technical requirements




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